Install GazeParser (Windows)


Python 2.7 is necessary to use GazePaser. GazeParser depends on following Python modules.

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • matplotlib
  • PIL (Python Imaging Library)
  • wxPython or Tkinter (Python-TK) (for data viewer)
  • VisionEgg and/or PsychoPy (experimental control library)

Following libraries are necessary to build SimpleGazeTracker.

  • libsdl2.0
  • libsdl2.0-net
  • libsdl2.0-ttf
  • opencv
  • SDKs for your camera


GazeParser installer can be downloaded from following page.

Install either of two files to computers which you plan to use stimulus presentation and data analysis.

If you plan to record gaze data, install one of following files to a computer which you plan to use recording gaze data.

If you need source files of SimpleGazeTracker, download following file.

  • : Zipped archive of source files.

    Source files of SimpleGazeParser for Microsoft Windows is provided as a project of Microsoft VisualStudio. vsXXXX indicates the version of VisualStudio (e.g. ‘vs2013’ indicates VisualStudio2013).

Setting up VisualStudio2010 to build SimpleGazeTracker (SimpleGazeTracker 0.8.2)

Download zipped source files of SimpleGazeTracker and expand it under VisualStudio2010 project directory (usuall, %USERPROFILE%/Documents/VisualStudio2010/Projects). Get development library of libsdl, libsdl-net, libsdl-ttf.

Expand zipped files under C:/SDL. Create C:/SDL/include/SDL and C:/SDL/bin. Copy all SDL include files (*.h) to C:/SDL/include/SDL (Figure 1).


Figure 1

In a similar way, copy all SDL DLL files (*.dll) to C:/SDL/bin. Add C:/SDL/bin to %PATH% environment variable.

Next, get Measurement Computing’s Universal Library and install it.

Get OpenCV self-extract file from following URL. Extracted files to C:/opencv. Same as above, update “include” and “library” directories of project’s property. Add C:/opencv/build/x86/vc10/bin to %PATH% environment variable.

Install SDK for your camera. The SimpleGazeTracker’s source file assumes that SDKs are installed under following directories.

Edition Directory
FlyCapture2 C:/Program Files/Point Grey Research/FlyCapture2
GPC5300 C:/Program Files/Interface/GPC5300/
OpenCV (No camera-specific SDK)
OptiTrack C:/Program Files/NaturalPoint/Optitrack

If you want to install these files in other directory, you’ll have to edit “Include Directory” and “Library directory” of project’s property so that VisualStuido can find necessary files. Start VisualStudio and open SimpleGazeTracker solution. Right-click on project (for example, SimpleGazeTracker_FlyCapture2) in the Solution Explorer to show pop-up menu. Then, select “Properties” (Figure 2).


Figure 2

Select “VC++ Directories” and left-click an edit box right to “Include Directories”. Then, select “<Edit...>” (Figure 3).


Figure 3

As shown in Figure 4, include directories for this project is listed (Figure 4). Add directories where you have installed libraries and SDKs. In a similar way, update Library directories (Figure 5).


Figure 4


Figure 5

Building SimpleGazeTracker 0.9.0 (or later)

In SimpleGazeTracker 0.9.0, SDL was replaced with SDL2.0. With this change, Paths are changed as foloowing.

  • Include files
    • C:/SDL2/include
  • Libraries
  • C:/SDL2/SDL2_ttf-2.0.12/lib/x86
  • C:/SDL2/SDL2_net-2.0.0/lib/x86
  • C:/SDL2/SDL2-2.0.3/lib/x86;

SimpleGazeTracker 0.9.0 was developed on 64bit Windows. Paths to following libraries were also changed.

Edition Directory
GPC5300 C:/Program Files (x86)/Interface/GPC5300/
OptiTrack C:/Program Files (x86)/NaturalPoint/Optitrack