Install GazeParser (Mac OS X)


From 0.7.0, SimpleGazeTracker does not officially support MacOS X. GazeParser will continue to support MacOS X.


Python 2.7 is necessary to use GazePaser. GazeParser depends on following Python modules.

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • matplotlib
  • PIL (Python Imaging Library)
  • wxPython or Tkinter (Python-TK) (for data viewer)
  • VisionEgg and/or PsychoPy (experimental control library)


GazeParser installer can be downloaded from following page.

Download following source archive to computers which you plan to use stimulus presentation and data analysis. Expand the archive and run ‘python install’.


If you want to use GazeParser.TrackingTools with Standalone PyschoPy, you have to download zip version of GazeParser. Expand zip file and copy a directory named ‘GazeParser’ to ‘site-packages’ of Standalone Psychopy installation directory. You may have to install ImageFont and ImageDraw modules from PIL in a similar way.