Required hardware for recording

Two personal computers, a camera unit and forehead/chin-rest are necessary to use SimpleGazeTracker.

Personal computer for recording
This PC must have an appropriate interface to connect the camera unit (e.g. USB2.0) and a wired network interface.
Personal computer for presentation
This PC must have a wired network interface. Use of a decent graphics card is recommended for precise stimulus presentation.
Camera unit
See below for supported cameras. If the camera unit does not have integrated lighting, an infrared lighting unit is alos necessary.
Current version of SimpleGazeTracker does not support head motion correction. It is necessary to restrict participant’s head motion with a head/chin-rest.


If your PC is powerful enough, you can install both GazeParser and SimpleGazeTracker on a single PC. See Single-PC recording for detail.

Supported camera

Currently, there are three editions of SimpleGazeTracker.

OpenCV edition (Windows/Linux)
This edition uses OpenCV to control camera unit. Supported cameras depend on OpenCV.
OptiTrack edition (Windows)
This edition supports OptiTrack V100R2 and V120Slim (NaturalPoint, Inc.). These cameras have USB2.0 interface and can capture images at 100 - 120 frames per second. See Cameras used for development.
CameraLink edition (Windows)
This edition currently supports CameraLink image grabbers manufactured by Interface Corporation. Capturing frame rate depends on the specification of the connected camera.
Flycapture2 edition (Windows/Linux)
This edition supports Point Grey Flea3 (USB3.0) cameras. See Cameras used for development.
DirectShow edition (Windows)
This edition supports DirectShow cameras.