GazeParser 0.10.0

(released 2016/09/30)

  • CHANGED GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • ADDED: Manual calibration mode is added.
  • CHANGED SimpleGazeTracker
    • ADDED: Manual calibration mode is added.
  • ADDED: DirectShow edition is added to support DirectShow cameras (2017/03/03).

GazeParser 0.9.0

(released 2015/10/08)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • ADDED: Linux version of FlyCapture2 edition is released. Name of executable file is sgtsrv-flycap.
    • ADDED: Camera image can be saved by pressing “I” key during preview.
    • ADDED: Camera image can be viewed during recording by pressing “L” key. Note that performance of SimpleGazeTracker degrades by drawing camera image.
    • ADDED: Error dialog is shown when initialization of SimpleGazeTracker is failed. Configuration directory can be opened from the dialog.
  • ADDED: GazeParser
    • script is added to help installing GazeParser to Standalone PsychoPy.
  • CHANGED: Data Viewer
    • Default data viewer is replaced with wxPython-based version. Previous (Tkinter-based) viewer is available as GazeParser/app/
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • ADDED: Camera image can be saved by pressing “I” key during preview.
    • FIXED: getEyePosition() and getEyePositionList() did not work in the dummy mode.

GazeParser 0.8.2

(released 2015/06/03)

  • ADDED: New Data Viewer
    • ADDED: Prototype version of a new, wxPython-based data viewer is added.
  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • ADDED: A new command “getCameraImageSize” is added.
    • CHANGED: Camera mode is changed from GrayscaleMode to MJPEGMode in order to improve performance on V120slim (OptiTrack edition).
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
  • CHANGED: PsychoPyComponents
    • ADDED: GazeParserGetPos component is added to get the latest gaze position data.
    • ADDED: A new option “Fit Preview Buffer” is added.
    • CHANGED: GazeParserRec component outputs “sync_rec” message to PsychoPy’s log file.
    • CHANGED: GazeParserMessage component outputs event log.
    • FIXED: “Message (Start)” and “Message (End)” can be set to “set every repeat”.
    • FIXED: “Mode” option of GazeParserInit component did not work properly.

GazeParser 0.8.1

(released 2015/03/25)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • CHANGED: “MINPOINTS” and “MAXPOINTS” are removed automatically from the CONFIG file. You don’t have to edit CONFIG file manually. Note that values of these parameters are lost.
  • CHANGED: PsychoPyComponents
    • ADDED: A new option is added to GazeParserInit to toggle sending PsychcoPy’s monitor settings to SimpleGazeTracker.
    • CHANGED: Time gap between SimpleGazeTracker and experiments built with PsychoPyComponent is reduced.
    • CHANGED: Unnecessary log messages generated by PsychoPyComponents are suppressed.
    • CHANGED: GazeParserRec component sends a ‘rec_sync’ message when initialization of recording is finished.
    • CHANGED: Default parameters of PsychoPy Components are modified.
  • FIXED: GazeParser.Configuration
    • FIXED: getParametersAsDict didn’t return current values but default values.
  • FIXED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • FIXED: Units of current gaze position was not properly converted to ‘pix’.


    PsychoPyComponents included in 0.8.1 cannot be used with current version of PsychoPy (1.82.01). Please download

GazeParser 0.8.0

(released 2015/03/14)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • CHANGED: Width and height are used to select pupil candidate instead of contour length. Use MIN_PUPIL_WIDTH and MAX_PUPIL_WIDTH to specify acceptable pupil size (unit is percentage of ROI width)
    • CHANGED: Percentage of dark pixels in pupil candidates are checked to improve pupil detection.
    • CHANGED: Calibration results are output to data file.
    • CHANGED: “MINPOINTS” and “MAXPOINTS” options are obsolete in this version.
    • ADDED: “saveCalValResultsDetail” command is added to save raw calibration data.
  • CHANGED GazeParser.Core:
  • CHANGED GazeParser.Converter:
    • GazeParser.Converte.TrackerToGazeParser() supports calibration precision/accuracy data of SimpleGazeTracker 0.8.0.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • Raw calibration/validation data can be saved to SimpleGazeTracker data file (GazeParser.TrackingTools).
  • CHANGED: Data Viewer (GazeParser/app/
    • fix error in combining data files (
  • ADDED: Custom components for PsychoPy Builder

GazeParser 0.7.0

(released 2014/08/12)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • ADDED: Measurement Computing’s USB-IO units are supported. The “Universal Library” is used on Windows, and the “DAQFlex” is used on Linux.
    • ADDED: New parameters, USBIO_BOARD, USBIO_AD, USBIO_DI and USB_USE_THREAD are added to SimpleGazeTracker configuration file.
    • CHANGED: Version of libraries are updated: OpenCV2.4.9, FlyCapture2.6.3.4, OptiTrack CameraSDK 1.5.1.
    • FIXED: Decimation method is fixed in SimpleGazeTracker Optitrack edition.
    • FIXED: Set IRFilter=true in SimpleGazeTracker Optitrack edition.
  • CHANGED GazeParser.Core:
    • ADDED: Support USB-IO data recorded by SimpleGazeTracker.
  • CHANGED GazeParser.Converter:
    • ADDED: Support USB-IO data recorded by SimpleGazeTracker.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
  • CHANGED: Data Viewer (GazeParser/app/
    • FIXED: Pillow is supported.
    • FIXED: Previous directory is set to initial directory of the File dialogs (open, save...).
    • FIXED: Hide ‘Exit’ menu of ConfigEditor to prevent closing data viewer when configuration dialog is opened from the viewer.

GazeParser 0.6.6

(released 2013/12/10)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • CHANGED: Parameter directory and data directory can be changed with using command line option. Please see SimpleGazeTracker commandline options for detail.
    • CHANGED: Source files for Windows and Linux were integrated.
    • CHANGED: GPC5300 edition supports WOW64 envirionment. This means that GPC5300 edition can run on 64bit Windows 7/8.
    • CHANGED: OptiTrack CameraSDK is used instead of OptiTrack 2D SDK to build OptiTrack edition. Thanks to this modification, OptiTrack edition can run on 64bit Windows 8.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Core:
    • ADDED: Data attribute named ‘recordingDate’ is added, that holds when the data was recorded.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Configuration:
    • ADDED: “RESAMPLING” option is added to control data resampling during data conversion See Resampling data for detail.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Converter:
    • CHANGED: Data resampling is supported.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • CHANGED: Default calibration target is filled because the target was not properly drawn on some graphic cards (PsychoPyBackend).
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Utility:
  • CHANGED: Data Viewer (GazeParser/app/
    • CHANGED: Parameters can be exported from “Convert SimpleGazeTracker CSV” dialog.
    • CHANGED: Checkmark is drawn on [View] menu to indicate current plot mode.
    • CHANGED: Only number of converted files is displayed when more than 16 files are converted at once.
    • CHANGED: Data viewer tries to rebuild old data if it doesn’t have newly added attributes.
    • FIXED: “saveas” is called if name is not specified. (ConfigEditor)
    • FIXED: Data export didn’t work correctly.
    • FIXED: Aspect ratio T-XY plot was not correctly updated.
    • FIXED: Stimulus image was not correctly rendered.

GazeParser 0.6.5

(released 2013/05/31)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • ADDED: SimpleGazeTracker GPC5300 edition supports camera-specific data. Status if digital input port on the interface board is output to the data file.
    • ADDED: A new parameter, BLUR_FILTER_SIZE, is added to SimpleGazeTracker FlyCapture2 edition to reduce image noize.
    • CHANGED: Calibration results summary is simplified.
    • CHANGED: Default installation directory of sgtsrv is change to /usr/local/bin. Default installation directory of configuration files (CONFIG, CONFIG_OPENCV) and font file (FreeSans.ttf) are changed to /usr/local/lib/simplegazetracker.
    • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker tries to find configurations file in the directory where executable binary is installed at first. Then, tries to find them in /usr/local/lib/simplegazetracker, /usr/lib/simplegazetracker and finally in the current directory.
    • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker tries to find font file in the directory where executable binary is installed at first. Then, tries to find them in /usr/local/lib/simplegazetracker, /usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont and finally in the current directory.
    • FIXED: Several bugs are fixed.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • CHANGED: Calibration results summary is simplified.
    • CHANGED: Validation checks whether calibration has been performed or not. If calibration has not been performed, validation is not started.
    • FIXED: verifyFixation() crashed because getSpatialError() did not support ‘ma’ option.
    • FIXED: ‘units’ option of getSpatialError() did not work properly.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Converter
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Core
    • ADDED: Data attribute named ‘CameraSpecificData’ is added to store camera-specific data. hasCameraSpecificData() is added to test whether the data has camera-specific data.
    • ADDED: findIndexFromTime() is added to get index of sample that is nearest to the time given by the argument.

GazeParser 0.6.4

(released 2013/03/29)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • ADDED: Thread-mode is adde to SimpleGazeTracker FlyCapture2 edition. “USE_THREAD” option is added to select threading or non-threading mode. SLEEP_DURATION option is added to save CPU resource when FPS is low.
    • ADDED: “getEyePositionList” command is added to get a list of latest gaze position data during recording.
    • ADDED: “getWholeEyePositionList” and “getWholeMessageList” commands are added to transfer data at the end of each recording.
    • ADDED: “isBinocularMode” command is added to check recording mode.
    • CHANGED; A new option is added to “getEyePosition” command to get moving-average of gaze position. This command is not compatible with previous versions of GazeParser.TrackingTools.
    • CHANGED: Log messages are added.
    • CHANGED: initCamera() and saveCameraParameters() are changed to receive no arguments.
    • CHANGED: Name of executable file is changed from simplegazetracker to sgtsrv (Linux, MacOS X).
    • FIX: Application was not properly closed when running in non-thread mode (OpenCV Edition).
    • FIX: Command after “insertSettings” was ignored.
    • FIX: Message buffer was not correctly initialized at the begining of recording.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
  • CHANGED: Data Viewer (GazeParser/app/
    • FIX: Latency data could not be exported.

GazeParser 0.6.3

(released 2013/02/21)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • ADDED: FlyCapture2 edition is added to support Point Grey Flea3 USB3.0 camera (FL3-U3-13Y3M-C). Currently, this edition runs only on Windows.
    • CHANGED: Windows Installers of SimpleGazeTracker for Windows are build by VisualStudio 2010 and OpenCV 2.4.3.
    • CHANGED: Camera image is visible during performing getSpatialError(). This will help adjusting camera settings when getSpatialError() fails.
    • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker checks CONFIG and copy default CONFIG when CONFIG is not found.
    • CHANGED: Detailed error messages are output to log file when CONFIG is not found in the installation directory.
    • CHANGED: New icon
  • CHANGED: GazePraser.Core
  • ADDED: GazeParser.Region
    • This submodule is experimental. This module is called from Data Viewer to count fixations in rectangular or circular regions.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • CHANGED: Background stimuli can be presented while performing getSpatialError() and verifyFixation().
    • CHANGED: Current gaze position and limit of gaze position error can be presented on the screen by pressing a key. This will help adjusting camera settings when verifyFixation() fails.
    • FIXED: Sleep 0.5 sec after verifyFixation() successfully finished.
    • FIXED: PsychoPy-based dummy controller’s getEyePosition() works properly when the value of ‘units’ is other than ‘pix’.
    • FIXED: ‘message’ option of PsychoPy-based getSpatialError() did not work.
    • FIXED: Unnecessary messages in PsychoPy logfile (e.g. updating camera preview image while performing doCalibration()) are suppressed.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Converter
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Utility
  • CHANGED: Data Viewer (GazeParser/app/
    • ADDED: Heat-map plot and scatter plot of fixations. Plots can be selected from ‘View’ menu.
    • ADDED: Heat-map, scatter and XY plot can be superimposed on stimulus image. Stimulus image can be specified for each trial by inserting ‘!STIMIMAGE’ message.
    • ADDED: ‘Jump to ...’ is added to ‘View’ menu to provide quick switching of trials.
    • ADDED: ‘Saccade latency’ is added to ‘Analysis’ menu to get a list of saccade onset time relative to inserted messages.
    • ADDED: ‘Clear’ button is added to clear selection in the event list. Selection mode automatically changes to ‘Emphasize’ when selection is cleared.
    • ADDED: Messages can be deleted, inserted and edited by right-clicking on the event list.
    • ADDED: ‘Save’ and ‘Combine data files’ are added to ‘File’ menu.
    • ADDED: Font file selector is added to display non-ascii messages on the data plot.
    • CHANGED: New icon
    • FIXED: ‘Export’ menu did not work properly.
    • FIXED: ‘prev/next trial’ of Interactive configuration window did not work properly.
    • FIXED: A bug in file type is corrected.

GazeParser 0.6.2

(released 2012/12/12)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker logs messages sent with startRecording and stopRecording.
    • CHANGED: A new option to “openDataFile” command to determine whether SimpleGazeTracker overwrits or renames an existing data file. For example, when ‘data.csv’ is passed as the name of a new data file and ‘data.csv’ already exists, the existing ‘data.csv’ is renamed to ‘data.csv.0’. If ‘data.csv.0’ also exists, SimpleGazeTracker try to rename it to ‘data.csv.1’, ‘data.csv.2’, ...
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Core
    • CHANGED: relativeStartTime and relativeEndTime accept MessageData object as th reference time (SaccadeData amd FixationData).
    • FIXED: ‘direction’ is not defined in SaccadeData.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • CHANGED: ‘overwrite’ option is added to ‘GazeParser.TrackingTools.BaseController.openDataFile` to support overwrite/rename feature of SimpleGazeTracker.
    • FIXED: Default IP address did not work correctly.
    • FIXED: Unnecessary warning messages are suppressed when controller is running in a dummy mode.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrajectoryCurvature
  • CHANGED: Data Viewer (GazeParser/app/
    • FIXED: SCREEN_ORIGIN is correctly recognized in XY-T plot mode.
    • FIXED: Interactive configuration dialog couldn’t save new configuration file.
    • FIXED: Interactive config couldn’t open data file generated by older version of GazeParser.

GazeParser 0.6.1

(released 2012/11/30)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • FIXED: TCP/IP behavior is modified to prevent program halt in Ubuntu.
    • FIXED: Spaces and tabs are allowed before and after “=” in SimpleGazeTracker configuration files.
    • CHANGED: “toggleCalResult” command requires a new parameter which directly specify whether calresult should be on/off.
    • CHANGED: Configuration files with section header (e.g. [SimpleGazeTrackerCommon]) are supported to read SimpleGazeTracker configuration files using ConfigParser module. Old format (without section header) is also supported.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Configuration
    • Output warning messages if options are not found in the GazeParser configuration file.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • ADDED: verifyFixation() is added.
    • ADDED: A new option, TRACKER_IP_ADDRESS, is added to customize default SimpleGazeTracker IP address.
    • CHANGED: Mouse buttons can be used instead of keyboard in doCalibration(), doValidation() and getSpatialError().
    • CHANGED: Output warning messages if options are not found in TrackingTools configuration file.
    • FIXED: TCP/IP behavior is modified to prevent program halt in Ubuntu.
    • FIXED: GazeParser.TrackingTools.ControllerVisionEggBackend halted when event buffer overflowed.
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Converter
    • CHANGED: TrackerToGazeParser() reads a GazeParser configration file when the filename is passed as ‘config’ parameter.
    • ADDED: A new parameter, SACCADE_MINIMUM_AMPLITUDE, is added to prevent detecting saccades with small amplitude.
    • FIXED: TrackerToGazeParser() failed to converet data when no saccade candidate was detected.
  • CHANGED: Data Viewer (GazeParser/app/
    • ADDED: Color configuration dialog is added.
    • ADDED: Grid configuration dialog is added.
    • CHANGED: “modifyPlotRange” is removed from the menu.
    • FIXED: interactive configuration
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Graphics.quickPlot

Converters MOD: ineffective paramters are disabled in app.Converters.Converter FIX: app.Converters.Converter.useParameters is changed from Tkinter.StringVar to Tkinter.BooleanVar

GazeParser 0.6.0

(released 2012/11/01)

  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
    • ADDED: Two options, CALTARGET_MOTION_DURATION and CALTARGET_DURATION_PER_POS, are added to customize calibration/validation target motion.

    • ADDED: Two options, NUM_SAMPLES_PER_TRGPOS and CAL_GETSAMPLE_DEALAY, are added to customize calibration data acquisition.

    • ADDED: setCalTargetMotionParams() and setCalSampleAcquisitionParams() are added to overwrite CALTARGET_MOTION_DURATION, CALTARGET_DURATION_PER_POS, NUM_SAMPLES_PER_TRGPOS and CAL_GETSAMPLE_DEALAY.

    • CHANGED: getEyePosition() returns current pupil size.

    • CHANGED: sendMessage(), startRecording() and stopRecording() accepts an unicode string as a message.

      The message is recorded as an UTF-8 string in SimpleGazeTracker CSV file.

    • CHANGED: Terminator of data sent from SimpleGazeTracker is changed to 0 in all commands. As a result, This version of GazeParser cannot communicate with SimpleGazeTracker 0.5.3 or former.

    • CHANGED: sendSettings() sends parameters in a fixed order.

  • CHANGED: TrackerToGazeParser() accepts UTF-8 messages in SimpleGazeTracker CSV file.

  • CHANGED: Data Viewer (GazeParser/app/
    • ADDED: Viewer configuration file (Viewer.cfg) is added to customize appearance of Data Viewer.
    • ADDED: A list of recently used directories are added to ‘File’ menu to provide quick access to these directories.
    • CHANGED: UTF-8 messages can be rendered in the plot area. An appropriate font file must be specified in the configuration file.
    • CHANGED: Event list provides quick access to an event by double-clicking an item on the event list.
    • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker CSV file is automatically converted to GazeParser data file when it is opened by Data Viewer.
  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • CHANGED: “getEyePosition” command returns current pupil size.
    • CHANGED: Terminator of data sent from SimpleGazeTracker is changed to 0 in all commands. As a result, This version of SimpleGazeTracker cannot communicate with GazeParser 0.5.3 or former.
    • ADDED: A new parameter is added to “getCalSample” and “getValSample” commands to customize number of calibration samples per target position.
    • CHANGED: Warning messages are logged when number of calibration samples exceeds MAXCALDATA (=7200).
    • CHANGED: Warning messages are logged when number of calibration positions exceeds MAXCALPOINT (=60).
  • FIXED: GazeParser.Utility.createConfigDir() does not create configuraion directory when running as root (uid=0).

  • FIXED: Default value of ‘font’ parameter of setCalibrationScreen() is fixed.

GazeParser 0.5.3

(released 2012/10/15)

  • CHANGED: Location of configuration files was changed in order to place data files and configuration files to separate directories.
    • CHANGED: [Microsoft Windows] Configuration files are at %AppData%GazeParser and %AppData%SimpleGazeTracker.
    • CHANGED: [Linux and MacOS X] Configuration files are at $HOME/.GazeParser and $HOME/.SimpleGazeTracker.
  • ADDED: Tentative pupillometry support. See Configure SimpleGazeTracker to disable/enable this feature. See Format of the SimpleGazeTracker CSV data file (0.5.3 to 0.6.6) for new data format.
    • ADDED: SimpleGazeTracker outputs pupil size.
    • ADDED: GazeParser.Converter.TrackerToGazeParser() supports pupil size. Note that EyelinkToGazeParser and TobiiToGazeParser does not support pupil size yet.
    • ADDED: ‘Pupil’ attribulte is added to GazeParser.Core.GazeData.
    • ADDED: A parameter ‘OUTPUT_PUPILSIZE’ is added to SimpleGazeTracker.
  • ADDED: ‘font’ option is added to setCalibrationScreen().

  • ADDED: Appearance of data viewer (GazeParser/app/ can be customized using a configuration file.

  • FIXED: Calibration results display was not correctly drawn when screen width of the Presentation PC was not a mulile of 4 (e.g. 1366pixel).

  • FIXED: Several bugs in the binocular recording mode were fixed.

  • FIXED: Texts on the main plot of data viewer were now correctly clipped.

GazeParser 0.5.2

(released 2012/08/27)

SimpleGazeTracker is not updated. Please use SimpleGazeTracker 0.5.1 with GazeParser 0.5.2.

GazeParser 0.5.1

(released 2012/07/31)

  • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker
    • CHANGED: Pupil detection algorithm is improved. Rate of detection failure is reduced when shadows whose size is similar to pupil size are included in captured images.
    • CHANGED: SimpleGazeTracker edition is output to a log file.
    • ADDED: A parameter ‘Camera ID’ is added to OpenCV edition. You can specify which camera should be used when multiple camearas are connected to the Recorder PC.
    • ADDED: A parameter ‘SHOW_DETECTIONERROR_MSG’ is added to all edition.
    • ADDED: Parameters ‘ROI_WIDTH’ and ‘ROI_HEIGHT’ are added to all edition. You can specify a subregion where SimpleGazeTracker searches pupil and Purkinje image.
    • ADDED: Parameters ‘PORT_RECV’ and ‘PORT_SEND’ are added to all edition to customize TCP ports.
    • ADDED: A parameter ‘DELAY_CORRECTION’ is added to all adition .
  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools
  • CHANGED: GazeParser Home directory on Win32 is moved from %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%GazeParser to %USERPROFILE%GazeParser.

  • FIXED: GazeParser.TrackingTools.ControllerPsychoPyBackend.getSpatialError() did not work when ‘units’ was not ‘pix’.

  • FIXED: Some minor bugs.

GazeParser 0.5.0

(released 2012/06/28)

  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Tracker is renamed to SimpleGazeTracker and now runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
    • ADDED: There are three editions of SimpleGazeTracker, OptiTrack, InterfaceGPC5300, and OpenCV.
      • OpenCV edition runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
      • Optitrack and InterfaceGPC5300 editions run on Windows only.
    • CHANGED: Location of configuration files is moved from %APPDATA%GazeTracker to %USERPROFILE%SimpleGazeTracker in Windows.

    • CHANGED: New SimpleGazeTracker depends on SDL, SDL_net and SDL_ttf instead of DirectX and WinSock.

    • ADDED: Tentative binocular recording mode.

    • ADDED: Application log is output to Tracker.log in the data directory.

  • ADDED: GazeParser.Core.GazeData.findMessage()

GazeParser 0.4.1

(released 2012/05/25)

  • ADDED: GazeParser.Converter.TobiiToGazeParser()

  • CHANGED: GazeParser.TrackingTools module is updated.


    Gaze position is recorded in pix in the data file.

  • ADDED: Installer of CameraLink edition of GazeParser.Tracker is released. CameraLink image grabbers manufactured by Interface Corporation is necessary to use this edition.

  • FIXED: Installer of GazeParser.Tracker was localized to Japanese. Localization of the installer is now set to ‘Neutral’.

  • CHANGED: GazeParser.Tracker outputs calibration target poisitions to the data file. This information would be helpful to convert the units of target position when calibration target positions are specified in a unit other than ‘pix’

  • CHANGED: is updated. * Messages are plotted in XY-T mode. * Number of fixations are plotted in XY mode.

  • FIXED: GazeParser.Core.GazeData._getEventListByTime could not deal with data without any saccade.

  • FIXED: bug with GazeParser.Microsaccade module.

  • FIXED: process of GazeParser.Tracker did not terminate when multiple errors occurred while initialization.

  • FIXED: did not work.

GazeParser 0.4.0

(released 2012/05/10)

  • First release.